Transform & Thrive! Retreat 2015

“Passages: Your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s & Beyond”

For The Woman Looking To Redefine Herself and Her Life As She Enters A New Stage of Life!

September 13, 2015 – 10am-6pm – Marina Village, San Diego, CA

Tziporah Kingsbury

Tziporah Kingsbury

Tziporah's FREE Gift to You

“A Journey through the Breath into Clarity and Intimacy”


“Revolutionize Intimacy: 3 Secrets to Getting You Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart, So You Can Feel Tuned In, Turned On and Alive in All Your Relationships!”

Get ready, this power-packed session with Tziporah will take you deep into your body, so you can open up to your senses and discover the tingling aliveness within you. Your trusted guide, Tziporah, will take you on a journey inward, giving you the keys to feeling juicy, alive and available in all your relationships. Learn the secrets to creating an intimate connection with all of life, so that you can show up as an empowered, decisive and inspiring feminine leader. Join Tziporah, and you will: • Tap into Breath, Presence and Mindfulness–the 3 keys to trusting your divine feminine, so that you can navigate life’s challenges with grace • Pinpoint chronic holding patterns in your body that can keep you stuck and frustrated, and how to shift those patterns to create ease and flow in your life • Discover how radical truth telling can add creative juice and intimacy to your personal and business relationships

About Tziporah Kingsbury (pronounced Tzi-Por-Ah)…

Tziporah is a groundbreaking Transformational Leader, Intimacy expert and Relationship Consultant who has dedicated her life for nearly 2 decades to change the lives and relationships of women and men globally.

Most recently known for being on “The Bachelor” as “Americas Love Guru” Tziporah, specializes in helping entrepreneurs who are struggling with the stress of that over-busy mind and trying to “make it happen” mentality, shift into trusting their authentic selves, so they can feel tuned in, turned on, hot and passionately alive in all their relationships personally and professionally.

Her roots are deep in shamanic practice, creating pathways to spiritual and emotional health. She has decades of training in many disciplines including Integrated Breath work (Transformational Breath work ™), various yogic and shamanic traditions, movement therapy meditation, conscious communication empathy development, tantra, psycho-spiritual counseling, life coaching, body science and conscious sexuality. For 12 years she studied and worked by the side of one of the worlds leaders in breath work, Dr. Judith Kravitz.

Tziporah’s work has been influenced through her vast experience in various styles of body work, holistic healing arts, “the work” by Byron Katie , self inquiry, and meditation.

Dedication to deepening her spirituality and expanding her expertise led her to spend years honing her skills in Switzerland where she trained in a variety of disciplines and first encountered Integrated Breath work. The last layer of her skills was acquired through studying the Eastern and Western body of expertise and educational programs in human sexuality and inter-relating skills. This combination prepared Tziporah to develop her unique methodology for mentoring individuals and couples so they may find and experience that wellspring of intimacy and love within themselves and with their partners.

Those who work in sessions with her feel an instant understanding that they are safe, even as they are stretched beyond what their initial understandings are about themselves, about romance, about intimacy, even about love. Tziporah helps people to feel safe again, to be still enough to listen to their bodies, and to embrace their fears and emotions. She guides people to realize and embody a life lived turned on, connected, and empowering their sexuality with spiritual presence.

Expert Speakers * Crystal Bowl Ceremony * Vendors * Bonus Breakout Speaker Sessions * Catered Lunch * Free Parking * Networking

AND Gorgeous Harbor-View Setting!

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