It feels like jumping off a cliff | Conduit for Self-Healing

  3rd Step to Creating Long-Lasting Change I dreamt I was in my car at a four-way stoplight intersection. I’m frustrated because we aren’t moving. It seems like we’ve been sitting and sitting, with the light turning from green to red and back to green again and...

Creating clarity and flow | Conduit for Self-Healing

Creating clarity and flow… Are you like a dam? Still. Holding back. Moving only in response to people or events wading into your life? Or, are you like a free-flowing, babbling brook that allows the rocks and pebbles in your life path to hone who you are as a...

Crossroads of change | Conduit for Self-Healing

The crossroads of change… Let’s imagine for a moment that you’ve found yourself at a crossroads. These crossroads are triggered by a number of life events: Perhaps your last child has left the nest and you’re wondering “Now what?”....
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