Dear Kindred Spirit,

Are you feeling restless…

with a desire to start fresh in 2022?

This restless feeling is partly due to the energy of the year shifting.

But it’s also an energy that began with the Eclipses that ended 2021 and is continuing into the New Year. It is prompting us to create quite a few shifts in all aspects of our lives.

This surge of energy in the Cosmos is asking your Soul “What is it that you most want?”

Can you feel it?


The only thing preventing you from having the life of your dreams?

Is a lack of clarity – clarity on what matters most to you and a simple path to creating it.

But, that path MUST be in alignment with what you REALLY value.

I don’t use that word “must” very often but this is one exception because when your life is out of alignment with what’s most important to you, you’ll never experience true happiness. You just won’t. Oh, you might have some level of happiness, but you’ll always feel like something is “missing”. I’ve seen it over and over and over again over the last 25+ years in my work as a coach.

Your Sacred Journey Begins

Your Sacred Journey Begins

January 15th, 2022, 10 am – 1 pm PST

7th Annual LIVE Virtual Retreat – Co-Create Your Dream Life

Wouldn’t it be great to start the year knowing what the energies are in 2022 and preparing yourself to work with them?


Your personal growth;

The lessons you’ve learned;

Your “WINS”.


What’s missing in your life;

What you want to learn in order to grow this year;

What you want to create or bring into the world.


Visualize it;

Co-Create it with the Universe;

Observe the magic in action in your life.

Your Sacred Journey Begins

 Start Your Year with Our 7th Annual LIVE Virtual Retreat

“Co-Create Your Dream Life”

Along with our community of kindred spirits in

The Thriving Circle


January 15th, 2022, 10 am – 1 pm PST

7th Annual LIVE Virtual Retreat – Co-Create Your Dream Life

What’s included?

I’m happy you asked! This retreat, and the additional resources provided, will give you all the tools you need to create a life where you can thrive in 2022.

For only $27, you get:

⇒ Live 7th Annual LIVE Virtual Co-Create Your Dream Life Retreat with the energies for 2022

Co-Create Your Dream Life Workbook

How to create affirmations to soar in 2022

⇒ Audio/Video Download MP3/MP4 of the entire event

Personalized financial, relationship, and health guidance for harnessing the energies of the Planet Venus in 2022

BONUS #1 – 5-day Course “Live a Magical, SOULFUL Life

BONUS #2 – 1 Month membership in Thriving Circle with the option to continue month-to-month

BONUS #3 – Access to the recording of our “Through the Eyes of Venus” workshop to introduce you to the Planet Venus, her energies, how to locate her placement in your birth chart and her influence on you in your life

Can’t make it live to the event? No problem. We’ll miss your presence but the recording will be available to you in your member portal to listen/watch, along with your workbook, at your own pace when you’re able.

This workshop, and the additional resources provided, will give you all the tools you need to create a thriving life in 2022.

AND, you’ll receive ongoing tools, guidance and support in our monthly webinars.

Only $27/month. Cancel any time easily within the member portal. Easy peasy. No Questions asked.

What are the key takeaways for the Co-Create Your Dream Life Retreat?

Join our LIVE webinar retreat to:

  • Review 2021 – so you can claim the lessons learned, celebrate your growth and release what no longer serves you
  • Create a clear vision for 2022 – that is congruent with your personal values
  • Gain a better understanding of the energies present this year, including the Planet Venus
  • Create your Wish List of what you want more of in your life – and a plan of action to Co-Create it with the help and support of the Divine
  • Craft your own Soul-Nourishing Toolkit – to support your energy reserves and keep you grounded, connected and energized

And do it all with the sharing and support of like-mind kindred Spirits.


LIVE Virtual Retreat and 1st month membership in Thriving Circle included, with the option to continue month-to-month. No-hassel. Cancel any time in your member portal. Easy peasy.

I Invite You…

To join me on a journey to Co-Create Your Dream Life in our Thriving Circle.

My clients have coined me the Soul Sherpa(TM) and I am here to support you in crafting your life – consciously.

What do I mean by that? It means being so incredibly clear about what lights you up, what grounds you, and what you absolutely MUST have in your life in order to experience the level of happiness that you desire, every day.

That’s a conscious practice; an intention followed by action that is in alignment with your Soul.

I weave my background as a Coach, Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner, Astrologer, Certified Aromatherapist and Professional Speaker to provide real tangible, spiritual and practical tools for navigating, and thriving through, life transitions and crises. I am also the Best-Selling author of four books, including: BEYOND CORONAVIRUS – 7 Keys to Embrace Change and Create Your “New Normal” and “7 Keys to Coping with Cancer – How you can feel good AND THRIVE (from someone who’s been there).

Believe me when I say I KNOW what it takes to go through uncertainty – and come out the other side an even better version of yourself!

I invite you to join me on an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery. The journey to what you came here to do and BE.

Still Not Sure?

The Thriving Circle is an international community of wisdom seekers, passionate about creating a deeper connection to their SELF – and creating a life they love in the process!


* Where and in what ways you can expand or explore more deeply – for more fulfillment and ease in your life;

* What needs to be nurtured in your life – so that you feel grounded, connected and supported; and

* What structures are needed – to support your personal and spiritual growth.


Spend 90 minutes each month masterminding with me and other Thriving Circle Members.

– Learn how to leverage the evolving monthly energies of the cosmos – so you can live more in “flow” with life.

– Guided visualizations and meditations (that you can download and keep)!

– Mini astrology chart readings of our members – could be YOURS!


Every month we have a special theme with resources and a LIVE mastermind call built around that theme to keep things fresh and suited to the chosen content.

CAN’T ATTEND LIVE? No problem! As a member, the recordings will be available to watch or listen to (as downloadable mp3s) on your membership dashboard.



Create a sacred and vibrant self-care practice that feeds, nurtures and heals both your physical and spiritual body – so that you can be unstoppable!


Tune out the noise and tune in to your own inner voice. Learn strategies and techniques to harness your inner strength.


Harness the evolving planetary energies – so that you can be more in “flow” to create a life you love.



Gather with me and other Thriving Circle Members once a month for healing, relaxation and soul expanding sessions.

Our Thriving Circle offers education, inspiration, guidance and friendship. We help you learn and apply techniques and practices proven to support you in feeling more grounded, connected, happy and at peace in your world. We endeavor to weave together Western and Eastern science in a vital and experiential way.

Monthly theme topics we explore include how to:

  • Make the most of a fresh start;
  • Holistic methods to increase your health and vitality;
  • Developing a present moment mindset vs. living in the future or the past.
  • Create a nurturing space in your home – to support you in feeling at peace no matter what is going on in the outside world;
  • Master your emotions;
  • Integrate holistic methods to increase your health and vitality;
  • Leverage the evolving monthly energies of the cosmos – so that you can capitalize on them and be more in “flow” with them to create a life you love.


Every month we will have a special theme with resources and LIVE sessions built around that theme to keep things fresh and suited to the chosen content.

If you can’t attend LIVE, no problem, they’ll be recorded and available to watch or listen to (as downloadable mp3s) on your membership dashboard.


Benefits of Joining:

  • Access to all LIVE events AND the recordings, on an interactive platform;
  • Downloadable monthly .mp3 meditations to inspire you on your Spiritual path;
  • Periodic seasonal and Lunar self-care rituals and ceremonies to bring magic into your life;
  • Mini online courses to expand your mind – and your life;
  • Access to a large archive of almost two years worth of courses and workshops on mindfulness, creating harmony and MORE.
  • Downloadable Affirmations to support you in feeling empowered;
  • Tips to cultivate your self-care and Mindfulness practice and tools to help you THRIVE;
  • Share in a community of like-minded spirits from around the globe;
  • Opportunity to ask Debra your questions on live webinars and in our private Facebook group and in the membership portal; AND
  • Discounts on Debra’s Soul Map Readings.


FREE access to our Annual Transform & Thrive Retreat!
FREE Soul-er Return Report during your birthday month


Will I actually get to learn directly from Debra?

Yes! You will get to learn directly from Debra through exclusive LIVE sessions that will not be available via any other formats nor to any other markets.

Will the sessions with Debra be recorded?

Yes. If you aren’t able to join us LIVE for a session because of a conflict in your schedule, you can listen and watch later at your convenience. All sessions are recorded and posted in your member portal shortly after each event. You can watch them anytime at your convenience, as often as you like.

How much time will it require each month?

There is usually one monthly LIVE broadcast which, on average, is approximately 90 minutes. Beyond those, you can spend as little or as much time as you like. It’s up to you! You can spend hours each month checking out the new monthly meditations, affirmations and courses – all of which are optional. OR you can just drop-in whenever you’re in need of inspiration and encouragement.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time from within the membership portal by going to the Settings menu to stop all future charges. It’s as easy as that! NOTE: If you enrolled under our Charter Membership Rate, you will lose your VIP rate.

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