“The Magician brings forth a powerful message of creation and potential: You. Are. Magic. You have everything you need to succeed. Badass manifesting energy from the Cosmos? All the skills you require? They’re at your fingertips! Beautiful creator, go create!” Chris-Anne



Discover what truly sets your heart on fire and then create the life of your dreams!

~ Activate the magic in your veins.

~ Find your spark.

~ Find your why.

Reconnect with all the elements needed for you to experience a life that feels Soul-satisfying and fulfilled.

Discover how to create lasting happiness by living from a place of what brings you JOY, your core values – what matters most.

It’s about connecting with your inner wisdom so you can take conscious action toward the things you want.


You’re craving a more SOUL-centered, fun and inspiring process for crafting your intentions for 2023;

The old way of writing down goals and actions feels dry and empty to you;

But you still desire a sense of fulfillment and meaning in your life.

This 5-day Soulful journey will guide you through a series of simple, fun reflections to:

    • MODULE 1 – Visualize in pictures what happiness looks like to you
    • MODULE 2 – Create a fun visual of your current Life Satisfaction
    • MODULE 3 – Determine what reaaaally matters most to you
    • MODULE 4 – Assess what’s getting in the way of your happiness
    • MODULE 5 – Reconnect with what soothes, nurtures and feeds your SOUL

As a result, you’ll have more clarity around:

  • What makes you happy;
  • What REALLY matters most to you, here and NOW; and
  • How to create more harmony in your world.

It’ll be fun, inspirational and you’ll see how you can integrate it all into your life in an easy, practical way.

My mission?

To help you craft a revitalized path for your life in 2023 – with a renewed sense of clarity and happiness.

I want to be conscious about co-creating my life. But I want it to feel more connected, more soothing to my Soul.

If that’s you, then let’s do this – TOGETHER!

Start Your Journey Today… it’s absolutely FREE!

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