Teri Wilder, Sound Healer

Teri Wilder, Sound Healer


You’ve heard her voice, but probably didn’t know it. Her tones have been heard in over 98 commercials, including Disney, Blockbuster, Hard Rock Cafe, Betty Crocker, and Walmart!

Her name is Teri Wilder and she is a master of music and meditation. Teri is on a mission to introduce Corporate America – and the rest of the world – to the power of gongs and songs that boost productivity and creativity. But she didn’t start out that way.

As a singer and songwriter, Teri knew about the positive connection between music and lowering stress, but it wasn’t until 2013 that she added the ancient gong to her workshops and performances. Used for centuries as a meditative tool, its resonant sounds calm the frenetic monkey mind. In fact, a whopping 65% of people who “got gonged” reported being at least 75% more productive after the session than at any other point in the day.  Now, that’s a Wilder benefit! She’s also recorded 4 CD’s of original music, all songs intentionally created to inspire and support a joyful life.

Your FREE Gift!

Teri is a speaker at our upcoming Transform & Thrive! retreat and she is graciously gifting you with a track from her “Mystical Gong Meditations” CD titled “Empowerment”. You’ll want to be sure and listen with a really good speaker system or with headphones so that you get the full effect of the gongs.

You are in for a real treat! Consider using this as a brief interlude to your day to re-center, ground and connect with your spirit! Download it to your Smartphone or iPod so that you have easy access to it!

You can access the audio by going HERE and clicking on Teri’s photo, which you will find in our Breakout Speaker / Specialty Vendors area about half-way down the page. That’ll take you to her speaker page and you’ll see an image of a gift box which you can click to either listen online or download to listen to as often as you’d like (my recommendation!).

If you’re planning to join us, TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Currently, you can register for only $247. Go HERE now to grab your seat!

ENJOY your FREE Gift from Teri!

With good energy,



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