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Simple Healing Solutions

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Thank you for downloading Simple Healing Solutions for Coping with Cancer, Radiation & Chemotherapy! This reference guide has received rave reviews from cancer patients for its ease of use and the wealth of tips it contains to support you in having more clarity, feeling better physically and having a greater sense of peace in your life as you traverse your healing journey through cancer. I periodically update this reference guide and you will automatically receive the revised versions as they are released.




BONUS #1 – As an added bonus for downloading Simple Healing Solutions, I’m gifting you with our Thriving in the Midst of Cancer Quick Reference Sheet. Keep this Quick Reference Sheet handy to remind yourself where you are in the process of your own transformation and some quick tips to move you from a place of feeling powerless to feeling inspired and empowered.

Click Here to Download “Thriving in the Midst of Cancer Quick Reference Guide”.

BONUS #2 – I am a HUGE believer in the power of yoga to center the mind and facilitate a state of inner peace. So I created a another FREE download for you. It’s my Yoga Series for Your Chakras. You can do this series in about 10 minutes a day, from toe to head.

Click Here to Download “Yoga Series for Your Chakras”.

I hope you extract as much value as you can out of these free resources!

Living Well through Cancer: 7 Keys to More Clarity, Vitality & Inner Peace



I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my latest book Living Well through Cancer – 7 Keys to More Clarity, Vitality & Inner Peace. So stay tuned for that!

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