A Journey to Inner Peace

A 4-week Journey to More:

Energy. Vitality. Inner peace.

… and, more enriching relationships

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Ready for a New Level
of Inner Peace?

Do you crave to waking up from a night’s sleep – and actually feeling refreshed?

Would you love to have a sense of peace – that lasted beyond a vacation or a meditation session?  

Would you like to have the energy and vitality – that you once knew?

AND have more enriching relationships in the process?



You can increase your level of energy and vitality, and have more enriching relationships when you:

√  Acknowledge what you’re tolerating in life – so you can eliminate what’s zapping your energy; 


√  Identify what emotions, resentments and toxic relationships you need to let go of – so that peace & vitality become a normal state of being, instead of an occasional feeling; and


√  Create a supportive self-care program – so that you have a “toolbox” of tools to restore balance, “on-demand”, even when under stress.



Spring Clean Your Life, a Journey to Peace

Over the course of 4 weeks you’ll:

Take Stock!

Take stock of what’s bothering you, those nagging ‘shoulds’ and frustrations – and see what you REALLY want to be doing both personally and professionally.

What’s Zapping Your Energy?

Identify what’s zapping your energy and holding you back.

Detox Your Toxic Relationships!

Review your relationships and find ways to boost the relationships that support and energize you and reduce the time you spend on those relationships that drain or limit you.

Identify Your Own Personal Daily Supportive Success Habits.

Identify and create daily success habits to support you in your goals and your life!

Let Go of What’s Draining You!

Identify and Explore what’s holding you back and why.

Your 3-Month Vision.

Finally, we’ll work to pull together everything you’ve worked on. You’ll gain new clarity on some initial actions you can take to achieve your vision. You’ll create a “Power Sheet” that will serve as a reminder to check in and stay on track.

This rich transformational program is a unique mix of

energy healing & practical tools

designed to assist you in creating a new way of BE-ING at peace in your world!

What You Get in this 4-Week Program:

Four Weekly Processes / Worksheets

Delivered to you via email, automatically, that you can download and work on at your own pace. 

Each module is carefully crafted to assist you in accessing a deeper level of peace in your life – that’s long-lasting.

Two Group Coaching Calls

To take you deeper into the process of healing and releasing old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you so that you can begin to craft a life with more energy & vitality.

Lifetime access to all recorded calls, for you to listen to and play back for deeper learning and processing.

You’ll also receive ongoing email support to answer any questions as you go, or that come up in-between the group coaching sessions.

BONUS – Crystal Bowl Guided Meditation .MP3


If you’ve never experienced the incredible energy of this process, you are in for something extraordinary! 

This bonus is a guided meditation audio I created called “Meditation Journey”. I recorded it using the soundtrack “Chakra Alignment” from Elivia Melodey’s crystal bowl album entitled “Journey to Wholeness”

This audio, when listened to with headphones, has the potential to promote energetic healing as well as the capacity to literally raise your vibration – in a big way.

A Word From Your Course Leader,

 MID-Life Transition Doula & Coach,

Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP

If you’re looking for THE most powerful, effective process to create a life with more energy, vitality and peace, keep reading. I’ve got an amazing treat for you.

Here’s the deal… 

We all have a certain amount of energy reserves at any one time. You “draw” on those reserves whenever: you’re stressed; have unresolved conflicts or issues; you’re in a state of coping or tolerating stuff; or, are feeling physically ill or depleted.  

When that happens, there isn’t any amount of self-talk, affirmations or anything that’s going to make you feel more at peace. Trust me. I’ve seen it over and over.  

That’s kind of like taking aspirin for chronic pain and expecting the pain to go away. You first need to get at the root cause of the pain. 

However, if you begin the process of addressing and clearing out some of the unresolved issues – the stuff “weighing” you down or keeping you awake at night, you’ll find that you feel “lighter”, have more energy and are more at peace. 

You’ve got to “fill your cup”. 

I want to help you begin the next chapter of your life with the exact formula that’s supported my clients for over 20 years in crafting lives of joy and fulfillment. 

My Spring Clean Your Life, A Journey to Peace Program has been closed for enrollments for a year and will only be open for just a few days because, well, it’s spring!  

You may have heard the buzz about this training last year (and kicked yourself for missing out), so here’s your opportunity to get in on the program.

And in the process, you’ll begin to create the blueprint for how you want your life to look, with more clarity on what you need to do to get there! 

If you are feeling the pull to jump on, follow your heart. You will get immediate access to the bonus and you can start moving forward even before the program starts on Thursday. 

I have a lot to share with you and I am really looking forward to supporting you in the creation of this next phase of your life! 

This is the ultimate program for the ultimate shift!

With good energy, 


P.S. Once registration closes on this program, it will not reopen again until next spring at the earliest, and if I do open it again, it will most likely not be at this great price.



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Limited-Time Offer – Valid Through May 25th, 2016 Only! 

After that, you’ll have to wait a whole year for its return! 

The course comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. If within the first 14 days you don’t feel I have delivered on what I promised, just email me and I’ll refund your money. No hassles.


$197 Only $97

if you jump on now (discount ends May 25th).

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