Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

How can I have more fulfillment and meaning in my life?


Those are questions we all ask ourselves at some point in our life.

For over 25 years I have supported clients in finding the answers to them in my work as a coach.

But I wish I knew when I started what I know now.


Because there’s a shortcut.

You came into this world with your own personal map – a map of the journey you wanted to take.

A map that tells the story of all the things you wanted to learn, experience and explore.

Your Secret Soul Map

Your Secret Soul Map is your astrological birth chart.


Your birth chart contains all the clues to:

  • What makes you different;
  • Your natural skills and abilities; and
  • What you came here to do and be

It is unique to you. And like any other journey, you get to choose the detours you want to take along the way.

But if you follow the map you will take a shortcut to what it is you seek – purpose and fulfillment.

Your birth chart is a snap shot of the heavens at the time and place of your birth. It is this intricate language of astronomy and astrology.

It has been studied for thousands of years by many ancient and modern societies. The first known writings about the stars date back 5,000 years, in the form of clay tablets on which were recorded all records of planetary motion observed by Mesopotamian scholars and priests.

In ancient times you had to be educated as an Astronomer in order to practice astrology. It was a profession that was revered by leaders, kings and rulers. It’s our Western society that has diminished it over time to the “daily horoscope” which is about as accurate as saying everyone with the same name as you has your personality.

In more recent times we have even had presidents like President Reagan who have sought the help of astrology in making decisions.

"...who knew how encouraging and helpful a reading could be!!!"

“Debra’s astrological reading for me was great…she focused on the positive in the upcoming year, and things that I haven’t understood in previous readings… it is helping me see and focus on the positive…and happily, more positive is coming into my life…. who knew how encouraging and helpful a reading could be!!! I recommend one for a helpful benefit in your upcoming year !!!” – Joan Boccio

"I was delighted and amazed..."

“Never having looked into my Birth Chart or had a reading I did not know what to expect. I was delighted and amazed as to how accurate Debra was in explaining different aspects of my life and personality. As a result of my time with Debra I am more willing to trust and be curious of what is yet to come in my life. Thank you.” – Yvonne Rawraway Wultz

"I feel much more in tune with the spiritual side of my work..."

“As a result of my Soul Map Birth Chart reading with Debra I feel much more in tune with the spiritual side of my work helping people organize their homes. Everything I learned reflected that it’s an “inside job” and by helping clients from the holistic point of view it’s my destiny to help them feel much more grounded and serene in their sanctuary.” – Thalia Poulos, www.organizedbeautifully.com

"...wonderful hour of light and consciousness."

It was such a pleasure…Thank you so much again for our wonderful hour of light and consciousness. Love and Light, – Darina Baebler, Sunsets by Darina

"It really seemed like you KNEW me 😃."

I had so much fun with you too. And you were so informative. It really seemed like you KNEW me 😃… you really really told me a lot…Sending huge HUGS. I appreciate what you did for me. – Stephanie B.

As Above, So Below

One way of viewing astrology is akin to the saying “as above, so below”. Basically, this theory assumes that everything is linked together. Any changes in the universe (such as the positions of celestial bodies) can influence life on Earth.

To all things in nature, there is a natural timing. Birds and fish migrate. For centuries farmers have sought the help of the Farmer’s Almanac in the timing of the planting and harvesting of their crops.

There is a natural rhythm that occurs with the cycles of the moon and the planets in the sky. Astrology is the language and interpretation of both that timing and the symbols contained in the alignment of the planets in the past, present and future.

Contrary to common belief, astrology is not so much a prediction of actual events in the future (not even astrology can really do that), but an analysis of the symbolic energies that are aligning in the solar system that set up an environment for certain kinds of events to occur.

Knowing the energies that are aligning allow you to make more conscious decisions about your life.


That, in combination with your birth chart connects you to:

  • A deeper understanding of what it is that makes you “tick”;
  • How you can be more in “flow” with the natural daily energetic rhythms of the moon;
  • and your true purpose here on this planet.

Ready to learn more?

If all of this resonates with you, then I invite you to schedule your custom Soul Map Astrology Reading now!

During your session you will:

* Gain some clarity around where you’re getting stuck in your current life transition and the steps necessary to create a life with more passion and purpose.

* Identify at least one step you can easily take to get into action fast.

* Develop a customized plan that you are excited to get started on so you can make this next phase of your life — Your BEST Life!


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