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How to tune into your inner world

and your unique talents

so you can embark on an exciting new life!


Make Your “Mid-Life” Your BEST Life!

Are you feeling stuck or confused?


A little “empty”?


Wondering Is this as good as it gets?”

If so, my heart goes out to you.


In order to quickly and easily move yourself through this inertia, you need to:

  • Identify your innate interests and passions AND, more importantly, WHY you like them.
    (There are clues woven throughout your life.)

  • Clarify what you absolutely, positively MUST have in order to have joy and complete fulfillment in your life.

  • Then and only then can you then create a life plan that is motivating, exciting and that creates results.

Can't I just do this on my own?

You can keep trying to figure this stuff out on your own. But since you’re still reading this, my guess is, you’ve already tried that!


How well is that working for you?

It can be hard to find clarity on your own — because you’re just too close to it. 


With expert help — you can get there much more quickly.


The Reboot Your Life Now Program is designed to help you in creating more clarity, passion & purpose – and it will help you do it in 4 weeks.


What is having that kind of help and direction worth to you?

Why THIS online course?

You can take more centered, grounded and decisive action in your life.

You’re working through a painful life transition. Perhaps you’re: an “empty-nester”; approaching your 40’s & beyond; going through a career change; or maybe even death or divorce and you’re trying to figure out what’s next. You may even be wondering if you’ve already lived the best years of your life and find yourself asking “Is this all there is?”

By reconnecting with what it is that you value, you’ll have a heightened awareness around what motivates you and brings you joy vs. what demotivates so that you can make more informed life changes and decisions that support what you value – and avoid those that contradict them.

You can have a new sense of clarity about your purpose and path in life.

You’re feeling lost or stuck about your life purpose and are hungry to connect with what that is for you.

When you have clarity around what you value, and how that that fits in with the fabric of your life, you can begin to feel more empowered to do what you came here to do and be.

You can easily create real, long-lasting change in your life.

You’re weary of having the same goals show up on your list year after year. Perhaps you start the year strong and then lose steam and get discouraged or, worse yet, maybe your goals have begun to feel dull, uninspiring and without any real meaning for you.

When your dreams and goals come from a place of inspiration, you may be surprised at how motivated and excited you are about taking little steps every day and at how easy it is to more mindfully choose where to focus your energy.

Ready to jump? Let's get started!

$297 --- one time payment


Create the next phase of your life with more clarity and intention!

Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP, Life Transition Doula

Hi, I’m Debra Wilson Guttas.

I’ve been where you are. And I’m here to tell you that the best years are yet to come!

My clients have coined me the Life Transition Doula™. I provide emotional, mental and spiritual support in the “birthing” of your new life path. For over 15 years I’ve been supporting women approaching mid-life who are trying to define what’s next for them. It’s my passion and “sweet spot”.

I am the author of the forthcoming book “Personal & Business Success through the 7 Gateways – Spiritual & Practical Tools for Crafting Your Life from the Inside Out. I have over 20 years as a speaker, Reiki Master, author and coach. My unique approach combines my intuitive healing energy work with practical life tools.

Often by the time clients come to me, they’ve tried a host of other programs and fixes and “nothing’s worked”. Or at least it hasn’t worked for very long. They might have seen some results, but they feel like something is still missing.

Underneath it all they have this sense that it has something to do with some sort of energetic block, but they’re not really sure what that means or where to even start to fix it.


Sound familiar?

it’s never too late–

to reclaim your sense of passion, recapture long-lost dreams, and live the life you love!

The Difference between Setting Goals and Creating an INSPIRED Life

Here’s what’s missing in most approaches to this stuff:

  • Lots of courses out there are not delivering the results they promise. I like to think most practitioners and experts have good intentions to deliver results—but, because they are experts in their “thing”, and not experts in the chakra energy system and how impacts your satisfaction in life, they miss the mark.
  • Most programs and services miss the mark because they are missing one or more of the 3 critical elements that have to be included to generate long-lasting results.
  • They give you lots of processes and tools (which deal with the symptoms or problems), without addressing how you got here to begin with (the underlying cause of why you are where you’re at).

Any approach to “fixing” the problem that doesn’t address the above,

is only a shotgun approach that will have limited effect – certainly not the long-lasting solution you’re most likely looking for.

Introducing: Reboot your Life NOW, a 4-week virtual program to create a life of more clarity, purpose and passion

 Join me in this 4-week Virtual Program and discover how to:

  • Map the Labyrinth of your life – to reveal your innate gifts and signature “juice”

  • Discern what’s REALLY important to you – and banish your outmoded network of “shoulds”

  • A new level of awareness & mindfulness – so you can immediately shift yourself into a state of peace

  • Craft a new vision for your life – and liberate yourself from an unfulfilling life

  • Create a plan to start 2016 off strong – with more clarity and focus

And in the process, you’ll create the blueprint for how you want your life to look, with more clarity on what you need to do to get there!


Your Virtual Program, Includes:

The Virtual Program is offered in 4 learning modules. Each module includes audio / video, downloadable tools, reflection processes, and the opportunity to shift the way you are currently operating in the world.

  1. 4 audio / video modules
  2. Your own “Pathfinder Planner” – a downloadable step-by-step workbook
  3. Self-Discovery Kit: Downloadable tools, exercises & processes
  4. Quick-Reference Sheets to support your changes
  5. A private FaceBook Community Gathering Space to share and receive support from other spirits just like you.
  6. All audio recordings to download, save and listen to, as long as you want
  7. 3 LIVE Q&A Calls


BONUS #1: 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – This is designed to jumpstart you on the path towards being more present and mindful and expand your ability to create and manifest what you want in your life.

BONUS #2: Crystal Bowl Meditation Journey – The is a guided meditation audio I created called Meditation Journey. I recorded it using the soundtrack “Chakra Alignment” from Elivia Melodey’s crystal bowl album entitled “Journey to Wholeness”. This audio, when listened with headphones, has the potential to promote energetic healing as well as literally raise your vibration – in a big way.

Module 1: Passages

Map the Labyrinth of your life to reveal your innate gifts to the world. Use a time-proven tool to extract all the stuff that motivates and excite you. You’ll be surprised to discover how there are golden threads that have been woven throughout your life. It is these threads that are your own signature “juice”!

Module 2: Rekindling Your Flame

Reconnect with what lights you up so that you can re-align your life and live a more authentic, fulfilled and happy life. Here, you’ll begin the powerful 3-Part process that will give you crystal clear clarity around what elements are the most important in order for you to thrive.

Module 3: Finding Your Voice

Clarify and declare what is absolutely, positively essential for you to live a more meaningful life. Create your own personal “Litmus Test” for more mindfully and purposefully making decisions.

Module 4: Looking Ahead and Clearing the Decks for Action

Play in the realm of possibilities to explore all of your wacky to wild goals and dreams and: 

  • Discern how they match up to your “Litmus Test” and vision for your life
  • Measure the impact they’ll have in all areas of your life; and
  • More powerfully and mindfully choose where to put your energy and focus.

Our Guarantee

We are in the business of supporting individuals in creating real transformation in their life. If for any reason within the first 14 days you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your life, we will refund your tuition 100%. No hoops. Just send us an email.

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This program is open only a couple of times a year. Once enrollment closes – it will be several months before it re-opens again.


Don’t miss your chance! Hop on now before it’s too late!

$297 --- one time payment



The Reboot Your Life NOW Program starts on January 26th. Once you click the button above, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout. After your registration is complete, you’ll be sent an email receipt. Then, your login information will be sent to the email you provide during registration so that you can get started immediately with some of the pre-program processes.

With good energy,




Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP

Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP

What's possible for YOU?



You’ll have greater awareness and clarity around what motivates and brings you joy vs. what demotivates you and keeps you stuck.



You’ll have a renewed connection to, and understanding of, your life-long interests and values which will allow you to filter out what no longer fits and empower you to do what you came here to do and be.



You’ll be able to make more grounded and centered life changes &  decisions because your goals will come from a place of inspiration and deep connected-ness to your spirit.

“These sessions really helped me figure out a lot of blocks and make lots of important realizations about my life. I recently started my own business and she has been a huge help in both clearing blocks as well as helping me figure out my strategies.” Jessica Kost, Owner Inspire San Diego

“Debra is insightful, connected, and dedicated to ensuring the success of her clients. I began working with Debra at a point where I was confused, lacked clarity, and needed someone to support my transition to a better place. Debra exceeded my expectations and truly served as a co-pilot to helping me figure my stuff out. I am deeply appreciative to her for her passion, compassion, commitment, and wisdom. I recommend Debra Guttas highly to anyone looking for light from a dark place. Love and Peace.” Lisane Basquiat, Owner, Transition Haven

“Debra is a wonderful spirit with a dedicated passion for helping others heal. She is trustworthy and reliable. Debra truly cares about her clients, and meets them where they are in their process. I highly recommend her.” Nancy Gordon

“I had been trying for years to step more fully into my passion and purpose as a teacher, writer and artist and to show up for MYSELF. As soon as I began working with Debra, there was a huge shift in my old patterns of thinking that enabled me to gain clarity and get “un-stuck” in both my creative business and personal life… It’s been one big “aha” moment after another….” Mila Bowman, En{COURAGE} Creative

This program is for you if:

  • You’re an “empty-nester”, approaching your 40’s and beyond or going through some other life transition and trying to figure out what’s next.

  • You’re feeling lost or stuck about your life purpose and are hungry to connect with what that is for you.

  • You sense that there’s a connection to your life history that has defined where you are and you’re ready to release that “story” once and for all.

  • You’re curious how your energetic system, or chakras, impact how you show up in life.

  • You’re ready to develop a deeper connection to your “self” and do the “inner work” required to get there.

Let's get started!

$297 --- one time payment


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