Happy Chinese Lunar Year of the Water Tiger!

Tiger Qualities To Adopt In Your Life This Year

The energy and theme for 2022 started out with Venus, the Goddess of what you love and value, Retrograde.

Venus Retrograde prompted you to review, reassess and reimagine what it is that you want, what lights you up and what you need to let go of that no longer supports you on your life journey to craft a life that is in alignment with your Soul.

Venus has now moved direct and her Venutian theme of passion and purpose in your life is being emphasized with today’s Chinese Lunar New Year – in the sign of the Water Tiger.


In Chinese Astrology, each year corresponds to one of 12 animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig), a cycle that repeats itself every 12 years.

Not to get too technical, the energy of each year is coupled with one of FIVE elements (vs. the FOUR in Western astrology) and therefore the energy for 2022 has not happened in 60 years (12 signs x 5 elements = 60 years).

If you’re following the math, the last time we had a Lunar Year of the Water Tiger was in 1962.

They also equate each sign of the Zodiac in a specific year to a different planting phase (i.e. seed planting, tending, harvest and sowing) as well as a various season of winter, spring, summer and fall.

There’s something about this annual cycle that appeals to me. Perhaps I like having an annual “theme”. But even more, as I have explored it deeper (and Chinese Astrology is even more vast and complex then Western Astrology – POW! Mind blown! Is that even possible?!! Lol) I have discovered that one thing they have in common is that when you reverse-engineer it, it proves itself.

In other words, when you look back at prior years of various Chinese New Year animals you see history repeating itself, and NOT in a vague or ambiguous way either.

While we can apply some of the energy and characteristics of the Tiger to 2022, the Water Element adds a different quality. In addition, while you can look back to recent Tiger years of say 2010 or 1998 and what was occurring for you during that time for some clues as to the energy of 2022, most likely you either weren’t alive or like me, were too young to remember the world events of 1962. But we CAN take some clues from history. But that’s for another post (or for my upcoming Year of the Water Tiger Workshop on February 19th).

What we can say is that Tiger energy is about taking strong action, with breaks of energy in-between. Picture a Tiger going after its prey in strong bursts followed by cat naps.

In China, the Tiger is considered the King of all beasts as it symbolizes power and bravery.

This will be a year of risk-taking and adventure, of reconnecting with or redefining your passion again and to take action; action that is in alignment with your Soul’s path.

It’s probably no surprise that the tiger is associated with yang (masculine) energy. Tigers like to do things their own way. They despise being told what to do.

Expect things to change quickly this year. Follow your internal intuition and know that you will thrive through taking great leaps.

(excerpt from RedLotusLetter.com)

Each year, we can take an energetic lesson from the zodiac sign of the year. The tiger has many wonderful qualities that we can use to help us in the year ahead — and that help us manage better and more effectively.

In 2021, the ox year kept us just keepin’ on, but the tiger is ready to act, and act swiftly.

There’s a lesson for the Year of the Tiger: don’t waffle, don’t dilly dally, and don’t sit on your hands.

If you want to do something, DO IT NOW. Act decisively, and potently.

Last year, the ox would gladly sit in the lotus position and could be hard as a bull to move. Not the tiger.

It’s time to get moving again and building new inroads and exploring new things in your life, business, and relationships. A whole new energy is opening up in 2022.

All signs can benefit from the tiger energy and take on some of this sign’s most positive qualities. These tiger qualities are ones any sign can apply to the year ahead.

We’ll explore the energy of the Water Tiger in 2022, as well as a brief overview of each of the Chinese Zodiac energies this year, in my upcoming workshop The Year of the Water Tiger on February 19th.

If that’s something that speaks to you, mark your calendar. I’ll have more information on how to register for that event soon. (It’ll be very affordable and FUN, I promise!)

With good energy,


Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP, Best-Selling Author and Soul Sherpa™ behind the Thriving Circle
“Sharing (and decoding) the wisdom of the cosmos – so you can live more in flow with life.”

P.S. MARK YOUR CALENDAR for my upcoming The Year of the Water Tiger workshop on February 19th.

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