Revealed: Why relationships
may be toxic to your health

When he first came to me, it was a month after his diagnosis – he had an inoperable tumor in his lung.

He’d already had one round of chemotherapy and had lost a lot of weight. His once strong, athletic body looked frail and extremely thin. He wore a baseball cap to hide the fact that he had lost all of his hair.

Outside of this invader in his body, his hair loss was the most painful thing for him.

The doctors were baffled as to how he had contracted this deadly disease. He wasn’t a smoker; never had been. He had no history of smoking or cancer in his family. Up to the time of his diagnosis, he had been very active.

The Secret Connection Between Your Health and Your Relationships

We know scientifically that all illness originates from an energetic imbalance. When an imbalance exists for too long it begins to tax the body and over time, if not resolved, results in illness or disease.

Energetic imbalance usually forms in the area of the specific chakra that has experienced some sort of previous unresolved emotional or physical trauma.

Isolate which chakra is involved and you can usually trace it back to some sort of a life event that started the ball rolling: a divorce, death, betrayal or some sort of loss.

Over the course of working with my client, he acknowledged that he had some very deep-seated anger towards his father and his brother that went way back to when he was a child.

Since anger involves the heart chakra, unresolved anger or hurt feelings often result in illness or disease in the related organs in the body, in this case the heart and lungs.

This is why it is so important to resolve relationship issues in your life. You cannot afford to simply turn a blind eye or ignore it and hope it will go away. To do so, you risk your health.

On a good note, once you resolve the energetic imbalance in your body there really is no reason why your body can’t heal itself. Given the right tools and support system (including energetic healing like Reiki, Healing Touch, Guided Imagery/Creative Visualization, food, meditation, and more), along with Western Medicine, the body will go to work to heal itself.

It is wired to do so.

In the case of my client, over the course of just a couple of months his tumor decreased in size from 8.2 to – 2.2 centimeters and continued to shrink. Once again, his vitality, weight and vigor for life returned.

And, even more importantly, he began to reclaim the part of him that he had put on a shelf because of other people’s opinions and beliefs. He began to think in terms of his life after his illness and how he wanted to get busy doing what he felt he was here to do and be – a musician!

7 Keys to More Joy (& Peace) in Relationships

Are you ready to do a Spring Cleaning of your relationships? Are you ready to have more relationships that bring you joy vs. those that leave you feeling depleted or heavy? Would you like more clarity as to some steps to get started?

You’re in luck! I’ve created a FREE tip sheet with some guidelines on how to begin to create more healthy relationships, which in the end will give you more energy to tackle the rest of your life! You’ll literally feel “lighter” – I promise!

You can download the FREE copy of this article and tips, 7 Keys to More Joy (& Peace) in Relationships, by clicking the button below.


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In my next installment we’re going to be talking about the tools necessary to create more internal emotional balance and well-being.

So stay tuned!


With good energy,


P.S. In my last article I spoke about doing a Spring Cleaning of your life and your environment both internally and externally. If you missed it you can catch it HERE.




Debra Wilson Guttas, Mid-Life Transition Doula™, HTP

Author of the forthcoming book “Personal & Business Success through the 7 Gateways – Spiritual & Practical Tools for Crafting Your Life from the Inside Out” and co-author of the book “Women of Spirit“.

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