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Embody the Change You Wish to See

Today, November 9th, 2016, half of the United States woke up with a new sense of hope. The other half woke up with a sense of dread and despair.

I think that most of us in this country have had a desire for real change. We just differ on how we envisioned that playing out. Some of us saw it in one candidate or the other; some of us didn’t recognize it in either one.

I want to speak to those of you who are feeling fear and despair; perhaps hopelessness.

Choosing to focus on the fear does not generate a sense of peace. Am I right?

On the contrary, it creates increased anxiety and restlessness and worry about a future that hasn’t even occurred yet; and over something you have no control. The only thing you have control over is how you interpret your world around you and how you choose to respond.

If you choose to stay in a place of fear over what might happen, you disempower yourself. You give your power over to someone or something else.

A more positive response can be “What is the most powerful thing that I can do from where I stand right now?”

It is time we shift the energy on our planet. It’s time we all stop and ask ourselves, “What can I personally do in my own world to create change?”

Perhaps you feel you cannot create the change you want to see or envision in our government.

But you do have control over one thing – your own life. You have the ability to impact those around you by the way you both perceive what has just occurred and how you choose to respond.

It can be simply to make a choice to not engage in conversation that is negative or belittling. We are bigger than that.

Perhaps it is communicating to your children that the negativity that we have witnessed is not what we want them to espouse in their own world.

You can have greater impact than you can possibly imagine by the simple act of committing to your own daily stillness practice. Take time daily to go inward, to connect with your spirit in whatever way that shows up for you, whether through meditation, yoga, walking your dog or being in nature.

That simple act alone can create ripples around the world that you cannot even begin to possibly fathom.

It’s that simple.

Every life event and experience, both those that feel good and those that don’t, contain lessons.

For those of us as entrepreneurs, I see it as a new awakening, a surge or sense of urgency to do what we came here to do and be. How can you take what you have learned from these last few months and integrate it to create a new way of being as a result?

That is where the power lies.

That is your own true personal power.

With good energy,




Debra Wilson Guttas, Mid-Life Transition Doula™, HTP


Author of the forthcoming book “Personal & Business Success through the 7 Gateways – Spiritual & Practical Tools for Crafting Your Life from the Inside Out” and co-author of the book “Women of Spirit“.

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