{embrace} Gratitude

{Affirmation} “I feel an abundance of gratitude for everything I have and receive in my life every day.”


I’d like to take a moment to both express my gratitude to you and to offer you a gift.

First my gratitude. I don’t take for granted that you’re here, reading this BLOG, at this moment in time.

Every moment you have is precious. And so for me it is truly an honor that you are part of my tribe; that I have been given the gift of the opportunity to share with you, and learn from you. For as we work together, I too grow exponentially!

My gift to you is two-fold.

First, the above affirmation is an invitation to stop for a moment and find something you can be grateful for, even if because of hardship or illness it means you have to dig really deep to find it.

If that’s you, I get it. I’ve been there.

We all go through periods where it can be really hard to find something for which to be grateful.

Whenever I reach that point I remind myself how lucky I am that I can:

Dance to my favorite songs on my own two feet.

That I can take deep breaths and smell the salty sea air.

That I can feel the soft fur of my dog Harley between my fingertips.

Or that I can hear the music that soothes my soul.

What one thing can you be grateful for today?

Second, make your own “{embrace} Gratitude” Essential Oil Blend

Here’s a recipe to make up your own Gratitude blend. Choose three of the oils listed below.

White Fir


Gratitude roller ball


Add 3-4 drops of each and put them in a 10 ml bottle or Rollerball bottle and top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Apply to the back of your neck and over your heart. You can then put some in the palm of your hands and inhale as you cup your hands over your nose. Or you can diffuse them in your essential oil room diffuser.


As you inhale, repeat the affirmation:

“I feel an abundance of gratitude for everything I have and receive in my life every day.”


Thank you again and have a wonderful day!



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