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You are about to embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery! Kudos to you for taking the step to learn more about your wonderful energy system! The more you know about how it is wired to support you, the more quickly you can learn how and what you need to do to create more peace, happiness and abundance in your life!

Click HERE to take your quick Chakra Test and see how healthy your Chakra Energy System is. Along with your test results, you’ll receive a colorful graph of your results. You can even have a copy sent to you for your records.

You’ll also now start receiving the 7-Part Chakra Immersion email series, one right away, and then one every three days. Each email will contain a link to an audio, a reference sheet for that particular chakra and a handout for you to follow along and take notes. So watch your inbox for those. In Gmail they often end up in the Promotions tab. So if you don’t receive one right away, look for it there. If you still don’t find it, email me and we’ll figure out what’s up!

This Chakra Immersion Series was originally a 90-minute workshop that was part of our 2014 Conscious 6-Figure Success Summit and was included in an upgrade that participants paid up to $127 in order to receive!

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